A Year with Anthony de Mello: Waking Up Week by Week - Book

A Year with Anthony de Mello: Waking Up Week by Week - Book

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Release your true inner self, shed society's expectations and programming, and regain your equilibrium with A Year with Anthony De Mello. This week-by-week workbook is filled with fifty-two passages and stories of De Mello's echoing wisdom, inspiring quotes from a variety of influential world-famous people, and thought-provoking journal prompts.

If peace, love, and happiness are our natural states, why aren't we experiencing it?

As we have grown as a people, as a society, even as individuals, we have also grown further away from that which is at our core. But it is not lost. The fountainhead of serenity and joy hides in every human heart. It is there for any to embrace who choose to search for it. Call it God, call it grace--call it understanding, hope, or love. The answer to life's troubles, the mind's chaotic thoughts, and the heart's heavy burden is within our grasp. A Year with Anthony De Mello offers a path to those seeking a way home to what is already inside each of us.

For anyone who is feeling like their life is unfulfilling, this week-by-week workbook includes fifty-two passages of De Mello's wisdom paired with inspiring quotes from influential writers, philosophers, and spiritualists from across the world, each followed by an engaging journal prompt for the reader to mindfully respond to. Wake up and see that happiness and peace are not things one must earn--they exist within us already.

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